Friday, May 9, 2008

Well, we now have two ducklings, the second one hatched earlier today. We couldn't believe the effort it took to get through the egg shell: they are pretty tough, and much thicker than hens eggs. Duckling number one is still just as vocal, and is now having a bit to eat and drink. The whole place seems to be teeming with life at the moment. Apart from the ducks, ducklings and chickens, the ewes and lambs, and donkeys next door, there are now cows and their calves in Hughs field to our left, and Jackie over the road has a pony in her garden ( who thought Caitlins hair looked like a tasty treat. ) The swallows are also checking out an old nest under the eaves by our front door, so we may get them back as well. We were busy in the garden as the weather has been good, sorting out the strawberry bed which was pretty overgrown, so we should have some fruit soon!

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