Thursday, May 29, 2008

The chickens have been providing some more eggs, and the ducks have been doing their bit as well, which means we've been cooking up pancakes for breakfast! Unfortunately the chickens have been testing my patience, as I found them in the vegetable patch the other day. They have now been banished to the lower field, although they don't really get this, and keep wandering back. The fence is only made of sheep wire so they can squeeze through ( just ) so I've had to buy some chicken wire just to make sure they don't go for the veggies again...

The weather has been dry, with a mixture of sun and cloud, whilst England has had some heavy rain - we have had Claudia and Dirk from Dresden staying for ten nights, and they have only had one showery day out of ten so they are really happy. They have been everywhere from Mizen Head, the Beara Peninsula, the Ring of Kerry, the Dingle Peninsula to North Kerry - well done!

Just realised we had another nice review on Tripadvisor from John and Celia who stayed with us a few days ago - thanks guys!

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