Sunday, May 4, 2008

A busy few days in the B&B with some great visitors from Nova Scotia, England, Romania, and lots from Holland as they have Queens Day, Ascension and Liberation Day holidays, so they can take a break without taking too many days off work. There's an Arts Festival in Dingle ( ) as well, so Dingle B&B's were all pretty much full. Henk and Helmie stayed walking the Dingle Way, and Caitlin thought she would try on Henks rucksack for size, but it was a bit too heavy!

Rachel went down to Dingle mart with Emilie and Laura to buy some chickens, so we now have five to add to the ducks. Emilie and Huw also have more to replace the ones the fox took, and they got some for Kathleen and Niall, so we should all have plenty of eggs. John let me have his old chicken house, which needed a fair bit of repair, but at least they have a roof over their heads. Not sure what the ducks will make of it all, or the cat......

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