Sunday, April 20, 2008

We've just constructed a little wigwam for Caitlin out of some wood we had laying around - she seems quite pleased with it, and didn't want to get out of it, having a picnic of milk and apple, and looking at her books! There's a picture on flickr, along with some others we have taken. When we were out in the garden we saw our first swallow of the year, though I think they may have been around for a few days. Here's an old photo of a little one that fell out of its nest in our old shed: he got popped back in with the rest of his crew, no harm done.
Had some more lovely American guests, Timo and Val from near Durango in Colorado. They were kind enough to leave a gift of some local spices made by some of their friends under the name of Candelaria. They recommended adding some of the green chili mix to our scrambled duck eggs with some cheese, and this was really tasty!

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