Friday, April 4, 2008

Two beautiful sunny days in a row, good to see the sunshine. Was down in Dingle yesterday, which is really peaceful at this time of year, and lovely looking out over the harbour. At last things are starting to grow in the garden, and was busy mowing the lawn this evening: light until about half past eight now the clocks have gone forward. Had an interesting mail from Evie, who we used to work with in England who is busy looking after their first little one, James. Glad she's enjoying being a mum, and she updated us on hubby Daves progress in the Marathon Des Sables in Morocco. He was looking forward to another day in the desert with a huge backpack, and bigger blisters - good luck Dave!

Thought I'd better post this picture of Caitlin in traditional County Kerry outfit of pajamas, drssing gown, wellies and hat...what a style guru....

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