Saturday, April 26, 2008

Life is never dull in County Kerry. First of all Rachel took Caitlin for a walk along the beach with Laura, Padma, and Jago, but the wind blew sand into her eyes, and then her coat took off into the sea, and had to be rescued by a kind fisherman with his waders on! She was most upset, but soon got over it when Rachels friend Abby, with her kids Carla and Ben arrived. They stayed for a couple of days and had a great time: over to the mountains in Killarney, via the playground, and the pancake house near Molls Gap. The next day they went to see Les and Pauline, and Les took his quad bike down to Camp Strand with them. Of course Caitlin loved having a ride along the beach. From there onto Ballyseedy Woods and back home.

I then got a call from John over the road asking for help with the sheep and lambs. This turned out to be a day of inoculating, dosing, tail docking, and, deep breath, castrating the lambs. The last bit involves small rubber bands which look suspiciously like Cheerios! I won't be having them for breakfast tomorrow....Anyway, the weather was glorious, and there was a lot of charging around on the quad, and shouting at the livestock. Those lambs can run when they want to!!

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