Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Brendan brought up eight ewes and sixteen lambs to our field yesterday, mind you, it did sound like about a hundred of 'em there was so much noise! They have all settled in, happily munching away.

We said goodbye to Daniel and Sarita today, as they headed off to Doolin on the next leg of their epic adventure: we'll miss them! Good luck to them on their trip around the globe, hopefully we'll see them again before too long.

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Daniel Goldberg said...

Dear Ian, Rachel (& Caitlin & Samson),

Just stumbled across your blog!

We're currently in Nice, France for a month, after having spend a month in Egypt. We went there straight from Dublin with a stop-over in Brussels. We did a lot of diving in the Red Sea in Egypt.

Wind-surfing is pretty big on the Red Sea as well, specifically in Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh.

We've been posting pictures slowly but surely to our Flickr.com account; you can find the links to the pictures from our blog (www.pooknpook.com). There's one set of Moan Laur and the surrounding area in the Ireland collection.

Well cheers, and we'll let you know when we're coming to your neck of the woods again.

Warm regards,
Daniel and Sarita