Saturday, April 26, 2008

Life is never dull in County Kerry. First of all Rachel took Caitlin for a walk along the beach with Laura, Padma, and Jago, but the wind blew sand into her eyes, and then her coat took off into the sea, and had to be rescued by a kind fisherman with his waders on! She was most upset, but soon got over it when Rachels friend Abby, with her kids Carla and Ben arrived. They stayed for a couple of days and had a great time: over to the mountains in Killarney, via the playground, and the pancake house near Molls Gap. The next day they went to see Les and Pauline, and Les took his quad bike down to Camp Strand with them. Of course Caitlin loved having a ride along the beach. From there onto Ballyseedy Woods and back home.

I then got a call from John over the road asking for help with the sheep and lambs. This turned out to be a day of inoculating, dosing, tail docking, and, deep breath, castrating the lambs. The last bit involves small rubber bands which look suspiciously like Cheerios! I won't be having them for breakfast tomorrow....Anyway, the weather was glorious, and there was a lot of charging around on the quad, and shouting at the livestock. Those lambs can run when they want to!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Brendan brought up eight ewes and sixteen lambs to our field yesterday, mind you, it did sound like about a hundred of 'em there was so much noise! They have all settled in, happily munching away.

We said goodbye to Daniel and Sarita today, as they headed off to Doolin on the next leg of their epic adventure: we'll miss them! Good luck to them on their trip around the globe, hopefully we'll see them again before too long.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

We've just constructed a little wigwam for Caitlin out of some wood we had laying around - she seems quite pleased with it, and didn't want to get out of it, having a picnic of milk and apple, and looking at her books! There's a picture on flickr, along with some others we have taken. When we were out in the garden we saw our first swallow of the year, though I think they may have been around for a few days. Here's an old photo of a little one that fell out of its nest in our old shed: he got popped back in with the rest of his crew, no harm done.
Had some more lovely American guests, Timo and Val from near Durango in Colorado. They were kind enough to leave a gift of some local spices made by some of their friends under the name of Candelaria. They recommended adding some of the green chili mix to our scrambled duck eggs with some cheese, and this was really tasty!

Friday, April 18, 2008

We have some really nice guests staying for a few days, Daniel and Sarita from New York. They are taking a year out to travel the world, with Ireland the first stop, then Europe, Japan, India and New Zealand along the way Luckily the weather has been fine, but a bit chilly, and we'll be following their exploits on

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some lovely weather here for the last few days, clear, warm and sunny. Rachel and Caitlin have been off to the beach with Laura and Padma, Emily and Anna, and everything in the garden is growing well. There seem to be more Primroses than ever, and some Wild Violets growing as well. An update on Dave in the Marathon Des Sables: he finished 437th overall in about 48 1/2 hours, that's some achievement. There was an article on the Marathon in this weeks Sunday Times, and all I can say is rather him than me, but very well done!

Friday, April 11, 2008

So it was off to Tullamore for a couple of days electrical work this week, we were lucky with the weather: generally nice and sunny. Tullamore town is quite nice, but busy, and in the evening John and I went to a very good ethnic restaurant called Shishir. It turns out one of the guys there was going back to visit Bangladesh, where John had spent some time, and his family lived in the next street to where John staye - small world, isn't it! This resulted in a couple of free beers, very nice! It was good to get back to County Kerry again, but yesterday we had hail one minute, then bright sunshine the next, so you just had to time things right to make the most of it.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Two beautiful sunny days in a row, good to see the sunshine. Was down in Dingle yesterday, which is really peaceful at this time of year, and lovely looking out over the harbour. At last things are starting to grow in the garden, and was busy mowing the lawn this evening: light until about half past eight now the clocks have gone forward. Had an interesting mail from Evie, who we used to work with in England who is busy looking after their first little one, James. Glad she's enjoying being a mum, and she updated us on hubby Daves progress in the Marathon Des Sables in Morocco. He was looking forward to another day in the desert with a huge backpack, and bigger blisters - good luck Dave!

Thought I'd better post this picture of Caitlin in traditional County Kerry outfit of pajamas, drssing gown, wellies and hat...what a style guru....