Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The weather forecasters had been giving dire warnings for the worst storms in years over the last couple of days, and although it was really rough, the winds were north westerly, and it wasn't too bad here ( haven't been out windsurfing though!! ) It has been pretty bad further north and over in England, with around 12,000 homes in both places without power. I think the forecasters were trying to cover themselves, just in case it was worse than they said - remember Michael Fish a few years ago? We have still had some guests in; Frances from Florida has been here for six nights, and has had a great time, and managed to do some horseriding in Castlegregory. The weather has been showery, but often really sunny, so good weather for touring around. Also, Gustav and Valda stayed ( Swedish but living in France, with relatives in Cork ) who visited the Gap of Dunloe and Carrantouhill - even more spectacular with some wild weather ( and very quiet! )

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