Sunday, November 18, 2007

An interesting couple of days, poor Caitlin has had croup, something we hadn't really come across before, but the symptoms are a nasty cough, which sounds like a seal barking! It's a bit alarming, but it didn't take her long to shake it off: she's much better now....
Went off for a windsurfing trip yesterday with good friend Colin down to Coolmain in County Cork. Its a nice spot with rolling waves onto a sandy bay. Wind was a bit onshore, but strong all afternoon, and decent waves for jumping. It's just got colder over the last couple of days, and went out for a while today at Dumps. One of the lads said the temperature gauge in his car said 3 degrees in one of the squalls that went through, and after that it was still around 8 degrees in a Northerly wind: that's pretty cold for around here!

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