Sunday, November 18, 2007

An interesting couple of days, poor Caitlin has had croup, something we hadn't really come across before, but the symptoms are a nasty cough, which sounds like a seal barking! It's a bit alarming, but it didn't take her long to shake it off: she's much better now....
Went off for a windsurfing trip yesterday with good friend Colin down to Coolmain in County Cork. Its a nice spot with rolling waves onto a sandy bay. Wind was a bit onshore, but strong all afternoon, and decent waves for jumping. It's just got colder over the last couple of days, and went out for a while today at Dumps. One of the lads said the temperature gauge in his car said 3 degrees in one of the squalls that went through, and after that it was still around 8 degrees in a Northerly wind: that's pretty cold for around here!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just managed to get five minutes to catch up, so wanted to say congratulations to Carina and Brendan on their new arrival, Hazel. She was born on 8th November, and was 9lbs! All doing well, so that's great news.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Did a trip around the Ring of Kerry today, stopping for a picnic in Reenagross Park in Kenmare. Had the place to ourselves, and sat in the sun by the waters edge. I still can't believe we're in November as the sun was really warm. Had a wander around Kenmare and stopped at the Bread Crumb Bakery for a couple of treats - lovely baking! The views were fantastic all around the peninsula, with the autumn colours of the trees and the sun on the sea. I did have a quick windsurf yesterday afternoon at Shitties on the Maharees, and although the air felt cool in a Nortwesterly, the sea is still warm ( well, by Irish standards! )
John from over the road brought us some lamb as an early Christmas present, so lamb chops for tea, which were excellent!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

A busy few days, here! Had some lovely visitors from near Nantes, Karine and Damien, who stayed for a couple of nights, and then it was Halloween, so we went down to Les and Paulines house in the village. They always have a party, and the kids from Camp drop in for trick or treat, with a few of their parents in tow! There's a few people in the village we only recognize if they have green paint on their faces, or witches costumes. It was a great night and Caitlin loved running round with the other kids. Pauline laid on a fine spread as well.

I went and helped out Ian up at Gortbrack Organic Farm the other day, finishing the haybarn, and getting things ready for a film show for the Kerry Film Festival. He shows a film each year in one of his big polytunnels, always a good atmosphere. Rachel went along to see another film in Siamsa Tire for the festival which she really enjoyed as well.