Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our friends from Plymouth, Tim, Abi and Merryn arrived on Tuesday for a couple of weeks windsurfing, surfing and generally relaxing. They're staying in the cottage near Fermoyle where we went for the BBQ a short while ago. There was a bit of wind today so Tim was out while Abi and little Merryn ( well, she's grown a lot since we saw them last ) were playing on the beach. Rachel and Caitlin went to Tralee for a swim. They do an organised parent and toddler class, and Caitlin was having a ball, splashing and kicking - a future Olympic swimmer!
We're also pretty busy this weekend with the B&B. Chris Stacey from Footfalls walking holidays has brought a small group over to walk the Dingle Way, so they're just chilling out here before hitting the trail tomorrow. Then we're busy right through the weekend, which is great for October. I must also say thanks to Laura who went out and got loads of mussels from near Cloghane for dinner yesterday - dee-licious!

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