Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Said cheerio to Tim, Abi and Merryn last night, they're off home after a good couple of weeks. The windsurfing wasn't epic, but they got out quite a lot, and we had fun on Sunday, just having a blast on flat water and trying some tricks. I think the excitement was all too much for Caitlin: she had a Halloween party in the morning, then was charging around with Merryn all evening, and wasn't too well last night!! Too many Halloween treats......

Thursday, October 18, 2007

So, after about two hours, some sore fingers and a lot of bad language, the trampoline was constructed, and Caitlin was straight on it! She really enjoyed bouncing around, and also wants you to get on with her. The other big news is that Rachel has had a bit of a trim - for the first time since I've known her she has relatively short hair, but I think she's finding it a bit draughty!
We went round to see Tim and Abi for dinner, a really good evening, lovely food, and it was great to have someone else do the cooking ; )

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Indian Summer continues! The weather has been great, and although it rained early this morning its bright and sunny again now. We went along to Olivier and Maja's barbeque in Kilcummin on Saturday night to celebrate them running their Food Artisans business for 10 years, a great night. They do smoked cheeses, fish and meat, and laid on a great feast. It was a real multinational affair, lots of Oliviers French friends and relatives there, and of course the Rugby world cup was on, with England beating France - what a result!
More guests in for the weekend, Margaret, Bill, Vikki, and Art from California and Salt Lake City, lovely people. They had a fantastic time, and enjoyed a night out in Dingle for a meal and traditional Irish music ( in three pubs ! ) and got to see the Dingle peninsula at its best. I'm off to put together Caitlins new trampoline now, so she'll be over the moon.....literally...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Busy night last night for bed and breakfast with three guys from Spain in, and also Tony and Jane visiting from Portsmouth. They were sitting relaxing in front of the fire when we heard 'crikey!' as the cat walked in to join them. I don't think they'd seen such a Maine Coon before, and he does weigh about 20lbs. Tony is a garden designer and is just about to get cracking on a woodland garden next to the Air Museum at Tangmere, near Chichester. We'll have to visit next time we're in England. He's currently updating his website www.morpheusgd.co.uk but its got a nice photo of him getting presented with the gold medal for one of his show gardens from Tommy Walsh.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our friends from Plymouth, Tim, Abi and Merryn arrived on Tuesday for a couple of weeks windsurfing, surfing and generally relaxing. They're staying in the cottage near Fermoyle where we went for the BBQ a short while ago. There was a bit of wind today so Tim was out while Abi and little Merryn ( well, she's grown a lot since we saw them last ) were playing on the beach. Rachel and Caitlin went to Tralee for a swim. They do an organised parent and toddler class, and Caitlin was having a ball, splashing and kicking - a future Olympic swimmer!
We're also pretty busy this weekend with the B&B. Chris Stacey from Footfalls walking holidays has brought a small group over to walk the Dingle Way, so they're just chilling out here before hitting the trail tomorrow. Then we're busy right through the weekend, which is great for October. I must also say thanks to Laura who went out and got loads of mussels from near Cloghane for dinner yesterday - dee-licious!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

We're still getting a few guests in, and the weather has been holding for them - still sunny and warm! We've had vistors from Munich, Germany and Sonoma, California, also from New Zealand and England.

Rachel was busy in the garden getting some vegetables for the local Harvest Festival tomorrow. We have that to look forward to, and also there's the last Vintage Rally of the season in Blennerville. There's usually a steam engine hooked up to a threshing machine, and a load of vintage tractors, engines and cars. Next week they're having a food festival in Dingle so that will be worth a look too.