Thursday, September 20, 2007

We've had good timing with our visitors and the weather. Rachels relatives have just gone home after having a lovely stay, and they had great weather all the time, with just one showery morning. Now everyone has gone home we have a week or so free before more B&B guests arrive, and luckily the wind has been blowing! I've been out windsurfing a few times, with really good waveriding sessions at Dumps on starboard tack, and Stradbally on port, so no complaints. Well, I say no complaints, but unfortunately Mark got hit by a massive gust, then a wave, and his boom caught him in the face - tooth went straight through, just above the chin. Said he felt like he'd done ten rounds with Tyson, but two stitches and a couple of days later he was back on the water!
Had a nice surprise yesterday when Brendan from down the road brought us a big box of lamb, by way of payment for keeping his sheep in our field sometimes: good lad ! There's a beautiful leg of lamb in the oven right now, smells delicious so better sign off....

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