Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another hot and sunny weekend, it doesn't seem like the end of September at all. Our neighbour John has just had a guy in to cut down some of his hedges and trees. He used a JCB with a massive spinning, toothed disk on the back which just ripped through everything. A mighty machine ! I've been helping clear the wood to go on our wood burner. I've taken the larger stuff away, and the smaller branches have been put back into the hedge. It's now impenetrable, so not only will it keep the sheep out, but will be great for any birds and animals. We're well stocked up for the winter which is really satisfying.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Went to Dingle today, and had a look around the town. It's really nice at this time of year, not too busy, and we've been really lucky with the weather in September: lots of warm, sunny days. We then went on to have a look at the oratory at Gallarus, which is an amazing structure, about 1300 years old and just built of stone, and completely dry inside. Caitlin had a good run around, and then we went further around the Slea Head drive to Brandon Creek where the water was clear as a bell. Then back home to cook up some more tomato soup!

Friday, September 21, 2007

You know when they talk about growing vegetables and they say 'heavy cropper'? I've just been to the polytunnel and picked another 2kg of tomatos! They're called Harlequin, and are like a small plum tomato, great flavour, and apart from having them with salads, we must have had five or six huge bagfuls like this. We've been making soups and roasting them for pizzas and casseroles, as well as giving them to guests with cooked breakfast. They're still ripening as well !

Thursday, September 20, 2007

We've had good timing with our visitors and the weather. Rachels relatives have just gone home after having a lovely stay, and they had great weather all the time, with just one showery morning. Now everyone has gone home we have a week or so free before more B&B guests arrive, and luckily the wind has been blowing! I've been out windsurfing a few times, with really good waveriding sessions at Dumps on starboard tack, and Stradbally on port, so no complaints. Well, I say no complaints, but unfortunately Mark got hit by a massive gust, then a wave, and his boom caught him in the face - tooth went straight through, just above the chin. Said he felt like he'd done ten rounds with Tyson, but two stitches and a couple of days later he was back on the water!
Had a nice surprise yesterday when Brendan from down the road brought us a big box of lamb, by way of payment for keeping his sheep in our field sometimes: good lad ! There's a beautiful leg of lamb in the oven right now, smells delicious so better sign off....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Really busy for the last few days! We have had our friends Ali and John to stay and the weather has been great - an Indian summer. They were celebrating their second wedding anniversary, and it was also Rachels birthday, so we went to the Maharees, and Rachel went horseriding on the beach. The horse looked like it should have been pulling a milk float, but it did go when you wanted it to ! She had such a big smile on her face....
We've also had a lovely couple from Idar-Oberstein in Southwest Germany staying for a week, Kerstin and Markus. They actually got engaged out here, so that was fantastic. Kerstin designs jewellery which is really unique, and has a website called - we will miss them, so will have to visit them soon. They also have Maine Coons, and had seen Samsons picture on the internet, so wanted to stay here and meet him! We've also had guests from Malta, which was a first, and last night Rachels aunt and uncle, Julie and Robert, arrived with her grandparents, Doreen and Jim. It was great to see them all, so we'll be showing them around properly today.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What a great day! The Dingle Peninsula is always a little quieter once the kids are back at school, but the weather is often lovely in September. Today was hot and sunny, with just some cloud over the mountains, so we took Caitlin up to Banna beach, where there is a play area at the Leisure Club, then back to base where we have guests from New Zealand, Germany, and America ( but working in Togo. ) Everyone had a good day, and then we had a call from friends who were having a barbecue on the beach - freshly caught lobster, crab, mackerel, and mussels, with some salad from our garden - it doesn't get any better than that ! Caitlin and Padma were having a ball: the wanted to be dragged along the beach in a kayak, and kept shouting 'More, more!' and were wanting to go faster and faster.... not so good after home made Banoffee pie....