Sunday, August 19, 2007

Just had a great few days with Nicky and Steve who I used to work with at BT a few years ago. This was their first time to visit us in Ireland, and although the weather wasn't perfect they still had a good time: they did the Slea Head drive, the Ring of Kerry and then were having a look at the Burren before returning to Shannon for their flight home. It was really nice to catch up and spend some time talking. Also managed to squeeze in a couple of hours windsurfing at Dumps: it was a bit onshore, but the swell was logo high and some nice waves coming through. There were a handful of people trying to pitch their tents, which wasn't much fun with all the wind. Calm today though, and the forecast looks good for a few days - at last!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Had a really nice email from Kate and Andrea who stayed for a couple of nights last week. They just wanted to say thanks for organising a trek along the beach at Brandon Bay, just near Castlegregory. They loved every minute, and had great weather as well. I think that Rachel now wants to go with her sister as they are keen horsewomen! They've been having some lessons in Milltown, so probably want to show off their skills....

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Never a dull moment in the country - was just serving up breakfast when there was a knock at the door: it was Les who has his donkeys in the field next door. He asked if we knew anyone with a goat, as there one in his field and it was chasing the donkeys! It may belong to one of Brendans brothers: he has a few of his sheep in our field, so he's going to check the fella out soon. A couple of Brendans brothers turned up later and took him away, but it turns out he wasn't theirs. He didn't want to go either, I think he was enjoying the donkeys company after all. They're going to hang on to him until we can find the owner. Nice beard though!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Well, it's August Bank Holiday weekend, so everyone is busy, and of course the weather is not great ! Friday was very windy, and pretty wet in the evenng, so managed to get out windsurfing for a couple of hours with Mark at Stradbally. Overpowered on a 4.1m sail, but great fun. Saw another small sunfish and loads of razorbills, as well as the most spectacular rainbow towards Castlegregory.

Had a full house of guests last night, with Colin and Christine from Belfast, then Mick, and Lorraine, and their daughters Rebecca and Felicity from Glasgow. They had been over to Donegal for a wedding and travelled all the way to us yesterday. Everyone had seen this blog so Rebecca and Felicity came up with some names for the new ducks, Polly and Molly, which was just perfect - thanks, girls !

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Forgot to add that we have just got three more ducks, and they've all settled in without any aggravation. We now have seven ducks and one happy drake.....we even got seven eggs yesterday, amazing ! Just got to come up with some names for them, Rachel thinks the one at the front should be called Motley !

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Well, just said goodbye to Markus, Jan and Marie from Blieskastel, Germany. They'd been staying with us for eight nights and this was their second visit to Moan Laur. Really great to see them again, and Markus was keen to practice his English, whilst I was trying to pick up some German ( not easy ! ) He was really pleased as he learnt the meaning of 'muffin top' just to add to 'bingo wings' which he learnt last that what they mean by a cultural exchange ? They enjoyed their stay, and managed to do a little fishing, and caught two mackerel, which was better than last years one ! Cooked 'em up for dinner along with some that a local guy had caught, and even filleted for them - delicious ! We now have a couple from Bayonne, just outside Biarritz staying, Benjamin and Anna, a really nice couple. Benjamin is a mad keen surfer, and was hoping to catch some surf in Brandon Bay or Inch, but the last few days have been really calm. He went and checked out Garrywilliam point anyway, but no action, so was telling me about his trip to some islands near Indonesia - sounded awesome, and he showed me some pictures of sweet waves. Maybe one day....